The Adventures of Woody the Dog and Grandma CatFood

Woody stuck his head out the window, his ears flowing horizontally with the rush of speed. He was very excited. He loved riding in the car! There were whiffs of new smells everywhere as they zoomed along, and each one held the promise of adventure! He sniffed again, but now something on the road seemed familiar. Wait! There was the big lake he loved to swim in! He hoped they were going there! Nope, they passed it. Darn.

They traveled on. Wait! That was the dog park where he accidently peed in the wading pool! He hoped they were going there! Nope, they passed it. Too bad. He was quite certain he saw the tennis ball he had left in the weeds when they drove by the big grassy area, but they did not stop there, either. Woody was a bit disappointed, but he knew wherever they went, he would be thrilled. He paused a moment to consider if they might be going to the vet, but then put the thought out of his mind. It was too nice a day for a shot!

He saw a tree he was sure he recognized and let out a bark of joy. He hoped they were going there! Nope, they passed it. No, wait! The car was slowing down! It was stopping! He knew where they were – It was GRANDMA CATFOOD’S HOUSE! He loved going to Grandma CatFood’s house!

He stood impatiently as his mom connected his leash. Why was she so slow? Didn’t she know where they were?! He pulled her along as fast he could and up the steps to the porch. The door was flung open, and Grandma CatFood exclaimed, “Woody is here!”

Woody didn’t even pause for a pat. He raced through the house, not even slowing at a delicious smelling sock. He passed the two horrified cats who knew what was coming but were helpless to stop the inevitable. He came to an abrupt halt in front of two small ceramic bowls, and before anyone could grab them, completely licked clean the crusty remnants of cat food all around the edges, as well as the mat they sat on and the floor all around it. The area was pristine, as if it had never once known tuna.

“Oh, dear,” said his Grandma CatFood. “I forgot to put the bowls away again. Woody is just too fast.”

Woody smiled his great doggie grin and licked her hand with his smelly Purina breath. Of course he was fast. She wouldn’t be called Grandma CatFood if he were slow!


A writer/designer whose interests include Broadway, natural phenomenons, and procrastination. This is demonstrated by writing a blog instead of finishing the book I am supposed to be finishing. Also like cats. The woodchucks is me; I am the woodchuck.

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